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Representative Projects:


Beck Center for the Arts - Lakewood, OH
Fall 2012

I'm Alive

(Set and Lighting Design: Trad A Burns, Costume Design: Ali Garrigan)

FOH Position:


Software Audio Console System

Band Platform:

key1    key2

RMS Keyboard Solutions was used for Keyboard Patches, Kurzweil keyboard were used only as controllers, software on the computer screens allowed each player to see what patch they were in and control their sounds.  The large speaakers were just props to hold the computer monitors.  All band members used custom headphone mixes for monitoring purposes.  All intruments were electronic, direct into the sound console so the only monitors on were for the actors to hear the band.


The computer running the RMS Keyboard software was actually located under the stage, in what ended up being called the sound cave.  This allowed much of the comptuer cluter to be out of sight since the band was on a platform up stage in view of the audience.

  cave1    band2

Also in the Sound Cave was a laptop running SAC Remote software.  This was so a Behringer BCF2000 could be used to tweak the band's headphone mixes during the show.  Each member could adjust over all level, vocal mix level, band mix level and a "more me" level. 

Signal Flow Diagram

Software Audio Console - Patch List

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